Losing weight while battling diabetes: best diets

It is getting harder and harder to step up on the scale without discomfort. More and more people have problems with excessive weight. They keep trying to find solutions to lose and control their weight, but this can turn out to be a difficult task. Especially if you suffer from diabetes, the plague of modernity. It is crucially important to keep the pounds under control if you are diabetic. Keep reding to find out how you can fight excessive weight with a few guidelines we strongly suggest.

What are the best foods for you?

Your focus should most certainly be protein-rich foods, carbohydrates with a high amount of fiber, fruits, and vegetables. Then, you can go for low-fat dairy products and vegetable-based fats. Here we include olive oil, canola oil, avocado, and nuts. Of course, we advise exercising caution when eating carbs. Talk to your doctor or your nutrition for additional advice on how to program your carb intake. Recommended dosage should be somewhere around 45 grams per meal for women and around 60 for men. Try to source the carbs from fruits and vegies mostly.

Many institutes and organizations, including the ADA (American Diabetes Association), compile a list of foods they recommend for diabetics aiming to lose weight. For example, when it comes to protein, you should aim for beans, nuts, poultry, and eggs. Among fruits and vegies, berries and sweet potatoes come first. Also, you can aim the nonstarchy vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, kale, and okra. Dairy products, of course, have to be low or nonfat. Finally, when grains are concerned, choose brown rice and whole-wheat pasta.

What foods to avoid?

runLimitations, unfortunately, are abundant when diabetes is in question. This is because these nutritional items will cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels or contain fats which are not beneficial.

For example, these foods include processed grain, most commonly white rice and pasta. Then, make sure to avoid fruits with added sweeteners, for example, jam, canned fruits, and so on. Throw ou full-fat dairy from your list, just like any foods with refined flour. Forget about fried foods, too.

The Mediterranean diet

IT is quite easy to guess what this diet includes and why do we call it the way we do. People who live around the Mediterranean sea eat a lot of good stuff: olive oil, fish, healthy herbs and red wine (from time to time). Oleic acid is one of the most beneficial ingredients, and it is commonly found in olive oil. This diet works very well to lower glucose levels and reduce body weight.

The paleo diet

This diet system is based on the belief that our ancestors ate much healthier food than we do because modern agriculture is detrimental to food quality. So, eat what you can hunt or gather. This includes meats like poultry and fish, and plant-based foods like fruits, seeds, nuts. Also, throw in healthy fats like olive, coconut or flaxseed oil.